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Why We Created MicroStream

For more than 15 years, we have been passionately developing Java development environments, Java persistence and database tools for Java developers to improve, simplify and accelerate database development and to improve query times.


We believe the core problem in database programming today is, database systems are astonishingly totally incompatible with Java. In Java we manage data in the form of object graphs in RAM. In contrast, relational databases store data in tables. However, storing complex object graphs seamlessly into tables is not possible. That technical problem is well known as impedance mismatch. NoSQL database systems provide different data structures such as JSON or XML documents, key-value, or graphs, but all of these data structures are also incompatible with Java object graphs. In the other direction, no database system returns Java objects. To way around that problem Java objects have to be mapped to the database data structure (object-relational mapping), which means code is generated and data is converted behind the scenes through every single read and write. This leads to numerous technical problems, very painful compromises, inefficient processes, enormous performance losses, expensive latencies, high wast of CPU power, higher CO2 emission and costs of infrastructure.


How Should We Solve the Core Problem of Database Programming?

We realized as long as the core problem exists, the potential for improving performance and simplifying database programming will be very low in relation to our enormously high effort and costs of development. Then we started thinking about how we could solve the core problem. We didn't want to build yet another database that has to bring various programming languages under one roof, but a solution that is tailored for Java to be able to provide the best possible solution for Java. Our vision was to create a system that is able to persist real Java object graphs just as they are in RAM.


What is MicroStream ?

MicroStream is a fundamentally new persistence that enables you to store any Java object graph as well as single objects or subgraphs. Vice versa it allows you to load and merge single objects and subgraphs into your object graph in RAM by using lazy-loading. 

Your benefits: The perfect data structure for Java developers: native Java object graphs. Only one data model: your Java classes (POJOs). No more database data model. No more expensive (OR-)mappings. No more selects, just call Getter. No inconvenient object copies. No additional caching layer needed. Simple architecture. Typesafe query language: Java Streams API. Ultra-fast query time: Microseconds. Database-independent.

MicroStream ushers a paradigm shift in database programming in Java: Use Core-Java features for database programming instead of database-specific concepts and use the incredible JVM power for database operations. The end result is a Java in-memory database app or microservice that is unbelievably fast. 

MicroStream accelerates database queries 1000x. Applications that would need an expensive cluster architecture today, will run on only one single machine with MicroStream. This leads to a strongly reduced need for computing power, energy, and CO2 emissions in the data center and finally 90% lower costs of infrastructure - on-premise as well as in the clouds. That performance boost enables you to build revolutionary new innovations, features, and products in Big-Data, AI, ML, Virtual Reality, Automotive, and much more. 


Why Java developers love it:

Including via Maven. No dependencies besides the JDK. No annotations, no specific superclass, or interfaces. Just POJOs. No mappings. Perfect data structure: Java object graphs. Elegant object models without limitations are possible. Using any Java types. Elegant OO programming model. No more SELECTs, just use Getter. No specific query language, just Java Streams API. No MicroStream hocus pocus, just Core Java concepts. Super easy to learn. 

MicroStream runs on the server, desktop, mobile devices, and can be used with any JVM language as well as in native images built with GraalVM and Quarkus. It's predestined for any database app and microservices that need its own persistence. 

MicroStream is avalialbe as Open Source.

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