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Free Tickets for all MicroStream Sessions at JCON-ONLINE 2020

19.10.2020 14:34

We love to invite you to the big Java community conference JCON-ONLINE 2020, October 27 - 29, and to our McroStream power workshop on October 30 for free! The regular price is 230,- €. Grab one of our JCON sponsor tickets immediately and get free access to more than 150 first-class sessions and to all recorded talks. 75x free conference tickets and 20x workshop tickets sponsored by MicroStream are available. First come, first serve!

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Meet us at JAX-London 2020 online

02.10.2020 10:10

MicroStream is a bronze sponsor of the JAX-London online - the conference for Java and software innovation. From October 6 - 7, 2020 you can meet us at the virtual exhibition. Learn more about the brand new MiroStream version 4, ask technical questions, and discuss it with our experts on how you can benefit from MicroStream. The online JAX is carried out with a browser-based video solution with no need to install any additional software.

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MicroStream 4 is now available

29.09.2020 16:54

We are very happy to announce that MicroStream 4 is now available as a final release. Version 4 is a break-through and game-changer. Now, MicroStream 4 enables you to store any Java object graph, any subgraph, or single objects directly into 

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MicroStream 3.0 is now available!

05.05.2020 23:38

The new MicroStream version 3.0 comes with new powerful features: Fully automated memory management, REST interface, storage data browser and MicroStream is now JCache compatible.

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Today's databases vs. Java - New roadshow for JUGs

09.04.2020 19:50

Impedance mismatch! Java, today's databases and in-memory technologies are incompatible. What the consequences are and how MicroStream solves this problem is subject to our new roadshow Ultra-fast Java In-Memory Database Applications with MicroStream in 2020. This event is specially baked for Java User Groups worldwide and will take place in many cities or as a JUG online meetup.

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MicroStream is Sponsor at Red Hat Summit 2020 in San Francisco

05.03.2020 11:36

We are happy to announce, that we are General Sponsor at the Red Hat Summit, April 27 - 29, 2020 in San Francisco, US.

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MicroStream is Exhibitor at Javaland 2020

03.03.2020 10:32

We are happy to announce, that we are an exhibitor at Javaland, March 17 - 19, 2020 Phantasialand in Cologne, Germany.

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MicroStream 2.2 is now available!

26.02.2020 21:15

We are happy to announce, that we have launched MicroStream 2.2. This minor release is the last update before the upcoming major release MicroStream 3 scheduled for April, 2020. Here are the most relevant changes:

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MicroStream 2.1 is now available!

04.12.2019 17:00

We are happy to announce, that today we have launched MicroStream 2.1. This minor release is a significant milestone because now MicroStream is Java-wise fully compatible with Android.

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Now, MicroStream runs on Android !

19.11.2019 17:31

We're happy to announce that MicroStream now runs on Android! MicroStream is the very first Android-native persistence that enables you to store any object-graph natively. MicroStream is not a legacy object database. MicroStream stores object-graphs natively, which means there is no more expensive transforming the object-graph into a proprietary object structure or into any completely different data structure.

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