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MicroStream is Sponsor at Red Hat Summit 2020 in San Francisco

05.03.2020 11:36

We are happy to announce, that we are General Sponsor at the Red Hat Summit, April 27 - 29, 2020 in San Francisco, US.

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MicroStream is Exhibitor at Javaland 2020

03.03.2020 10:32

We are happy to announce, that we are an exhibitor at Javaland, March 17 - 19, 2020 Phantasialand in Cologne, Germany.

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MicroStream 2.2 is now available!

26.02.2020 21:15

We are happy to announce, that we have launched MicroStream 2.2. This minor release is the last update before the upcoming major release MicroStream 3 scheduled for April, 2020. Here are the most relevant changes:

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MicroStream 2.1 is now available!

04.12.2019 17:00

We are happy to announce, that today we have launched MicroStream 2.1. This minor release is a significant milestone because now MicroStream is Java-wise fully compatible with Android.

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Now, MicroStream runs on Android !

19.11.2019 17:31

We're happy to announce that MicroStream now runs on Android! MicroStream is the very first Android-native persistence that enables you to store any object-graph natively. MicroStream is not a legacy object database. MicroStream stores object-graphs natively, which means there is no more expensive transforming the object-graph into a proprietary object structure or into any completely different data structure.

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MicroStream at DATA NATIVES, November 25-26 in Berlin, Germany

19.11.2019 09:45

Next week we are an exhibitor at DATA NATIVES 2019, November 25-26 in Berlin, Germany.
DATA NATIVES is the biggest data science gathering.

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MicroStream at JCON 2019 in Duesseldorf, Germany

28.09.2019 10:35

Only one week after Oracle CodeOne 2019 in San Francisco, we were at JCON 2019. On Monday we had our MicroStream workshop. On Tuesday was our MicroStream Day at JCON. 8 talks about MicroStream in a modern multiplex cinema. It was really fantastic! 

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MicroStream at Oracle CodeOne 2019 in San Francisco

20.09.2019 10:00

It was a great week for us at Oracle CodeOne 2019 in San Francisco. 3 days exhibition, the very first public MicroStream version launched as final release, 600 MicroStream t-shirts given out, super positive feedback from Java developers, prominent visitors, working together with a great team and, a lot of fun.

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MicroStream 2 final release is now available!

16.09.2019 17:00

After using MicroStream 1 as an API in business-critical projects for more than four years, MicroStream 2 is now the first public version that is available as a product. MicroStream 2 is free of charge for development, testing, and productive use. There are no license fees. 

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