MicroStream is free!


MicroStream is free!

25.04.2019 10:30

We are happy to announce that MicroStream Java-Native Persistence – is free of charge for developing, testing and also for productive use!

MicroStream release cycle & support model similar to Java

We are planning a release and support model that is very close to the release and support model for the Oracle JDK. Since Java 9 was released in 2017, Oracle launches a new Java version every 6 months. To ensure that MicroStream can always be used with the latest Java version, we are planning to go along with the JDK release cycle. That means we, are also planning to launch new MicroStream major releases every 6 months, scheduled every June and December. 


For users who prefer to stay on a stable and well-known version as long as possible, we will provide MicroStream Long-Term-Support (LTS) releases that are supported for 8 years or even longer. Every third MicroStream version will be an LTS release. The very first public MicroStream version 2.0 final release is scheduled between June and September 2019. The next major release will already follow in Dezember 2019.


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