MicroStream 3.0 is now available!

05.05.2020 23:38

The new MicroStream version 3.0 comes with new powerful features: Fully automated memory management, REST interface, storage data browser and MicroStream is now JCache compatible.

Fully automated Memory Management

Version 3 provides you now a fully automated lazy reference managing. As soon as free RAM gets lower, MicroStream clears older lazy references fully automized. 

REST Interface

While MicroStream runs embedded in the JVM process of your Java app, the storage data layer contains nothing but persistent data. The new REST interface enables you now to access and read your storage data by submitting REST calls.

The Java objects, which reside in memory, are easy to inspect and traverse, for instance by using a debugger. Another interesting option is GraphQL, which is actually a query language for APIs. With GraphQL you can open your MicroStream app to external users and apps, allowing remote queries.

Storage Data Browser

Based on the new REST interface, MicroStream additionally provides you a convenient web user interface for browsing through your persistent data.


MicroStream is now compatible with projects using the Java module system.

MicroStream as a Cache for JPA apps

MicroStream is now JSR-107 compatible and can be used as a local cache, even in existing applications. This caching standard is used in a wide variety of environments. The most common use cases are: 

  • JPA second-level cache 
  • Spring Cache Abstraction

MicroStream's very own serialization and storage can be utilized to get the best out of caches. For example, you are not limited to java.io.Serializable types, when storing by value. 


Complete Changelog

Getting started

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