MicroStream Getting-started Training - Sept. 25 at JVM-CON in Cologne, Germany

19.11.2019 15:12

MicroStream Getting-started training at the JVM-CON 2019, November 25 in Cologne, Germany


Monday, Nov. 25, 14:00 - 18:00, Room: Ballsaal B
Creating ultra-fast Realtime Apps and Microservices with Java


  • What's the problem with database systems and in-memory technologies of today?
  • Why should I use MicroStream?

MicroStream Java-native datastore:

  • Overview
  • How to design a suited Java object-graph for my individual use-case
  • MicroStream configuration
  • Create an in-memory database
  • Storing data
  • Loading data using lazy-loading
  • Queries by using Java 8 Streams API
  • Best practice
  • Running MicroStream on Android
  • Questions and Answers

MicroStream serialization and communication

  • What's the problem with the serialization of today?
  • What's about alternative serialization frameworks?
  • MicroStream Serialization overview
  • MicroStream Communication Framework (beta)
  • MicroStream Roadmap


Markus Kett, CEO MicroStream
Christian Kuemmel, Project Manager XDEV Software Corp.

JVM-CON Agenda:


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