MicroStream - Revolutionizing Data Storage

Why MicroStream?

Within every application, data plays a very important role. In every industry, data like customer or product information, analysis results, patient data, or account data is a vital part of the business and the applications that support your business processes. Data must be in memory to be processed by your application, but must be stored…


50x Free MicroStream Training at Fast Lane Available

The  JAVAPRO Magazine is sponsoring MicroStream Fundamentals as well as  MicroStream  Advanced training courses valued at $4,350 for 50x participants in total. The courses are provided by Fast Lane, who is now our international authorized MicroStream education partner. The Fast Lane Group operates globally, across 60+ countries in delivering technology training. This is the perfect opportunity to learn…


Today’s databases vs. Java – New roadshow for JUGs

Impedance mismatch! Java, today’s databases and in-memory technologies are incompatible. What the consequences are and how MicroStream solves this problem is subject to our new roadshow Ultra-fast Java In-Memory Database Applications with MicroStream in 2020. This event is specially baked for Java User Groups worldwide and will take place in many cities or as a JUG online meetup.…