MicroStream Edition Comparison

MicroStream is available in 2 editions:
MicroStream Community Edition (free) and MicroStream Enterprise Edition

Features Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Commercial purpose
Creating closed source software
Distributing with open source
Tooling (REST interface, administration, database viewer, monitoring)
Parallel read & write operations (Multi-channel)
MicroStream as a Service (Coming soon)
MicroStream Cluster (Coming soon)
Database connectors
  • MySQL SQLite
  • SQLite for mobile
  • Plain file storage for microservices
  • Oracle DB
  • Oracle NoSQL
  • Oracle TimesTen
  • Oracle Coherence
  • Oracle Cloud Blob-Store
  • Community Edition connectors incl.
Long-Term-Support (Update warranty for 8 years) Opt.
Price / Processor / Year Free $ 2.400
Price / Named User (min. 20) / Year Free $ 75 (min. 20)

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