Introduction to MicroStream

Hey Java developers!

MicroStream is the Next Generation Java Serialization!

MicroStream Serialization & Communication 

MicroStream is a fundamental new written serialization for Java. MicroStream fixes the biggest security issue of Java ever, provides you high-secure data transfer and elegant object graph communication.

MicroStream Java-Native Persistence

MicroStream enables you to process and store data with Java only. With MicroStream, you do not need an object-relational-mapping framework anymore. MicroStream lets you store any Java object graph natively, which means as it is in the RAM. There is no more expensive transformation to an incompatible data structure. This point is the key difference between MicroStream and all other persistence approaches on the market.

MicroStream Java-Native Persistence leads to a paradigm shift that provides fantastic benefits and totally new possibilities.

With MicroStream you can simplify and accelerate your entire development process. You benefit from a shorter time to market and save money.

MicroStream is super easy to use. You can download via Maven for free.

Getting started today!

Under these awesome technical premises and funded with venture capital, we have started the mission to become a leader in Java and data processing in a fast way.





We are Java geeks and through and through a Java company. We are unique, because we strictly do the things as Java developer would do, instead of doing things as usual, because we are used to.

Our goal is to create awesome high-quality products for Java developers that make the developer's life easier and simply make them happy.

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