MicroStream 5 is Now Open Source


We are very excited to announce that the new MicroStream version 5  is now available as Open Source. The source code is  published under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) on our GitHub page. 

MicroStream is  used productively in business-critical projects for more than 6 years. It's proven, stable and has a high code quality. Now, it's time to  open source it. Open Source provides strong value and great benefits for our community. The source code is now avialable for anyone to read. Debugging, finding and fixing bugs is possible. Security issues can be found and eliminated faster.  It gives you the flexibility to customize and extend MicroStream  on your own. Permanently reviews of the source code and numerous testing cycles by developers across the world will increase the stability of MicroStream. This will even improve the already high quality of MicroStream. The entire community can collaborate, support other community members and contribute to making MicroStream better. Using MicroStream becomes even easier.  You don't need to worry about the license.  Just  use it, get started quickly, and check out whether it can solve your business problem, build great solutions. You can start small and quickly and scale  up without limitations. Last, but not least, developers love open source.  This increases the enthusiasm and motivation as well as the satisfaction of the developers.

We’re very excited to see your ideas and contributions to MicroStream. Please, star us on GitHub and become a contributor today.

Helpful Links:

Get started:

MicroStream on GitHub:

New in version 5:

New Docu:

New forum on GitHub:

Older versions:
Docu: https://manual.docs.microstream.one/data-store/getting-started
Forum:  https://microstream.one/support/forum/

Free training:
Book a free MicroStream online-training at Fast Lane – contingent extended:


Please, Star us on GitHub !

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