Now, MicroStream runs on Android !

We're happy to announce that MicroStream now runs on Android! MicroStream is the very first Android-native persistence that enables you to store any object-graph natively. MicroStream is not a legacy object database. MicroStream stores object-graphs natively, which means there is no more expensive transforming the object-graph into a proprietary object structure or into any completely different data structure.

With MicroStream you can create ultra-fast database apps for Android faster and more convenient than ever before. And off course, it works also with Kotlin.




MicroStream on Android is not a special version. MicroStream is always one and the same Java API that runs on the server, on desktops as well as on Android.

MicroStream on Android can be used from the upcoming MicroStream 2.1 release. Meanwhile, you can get started with MicroStream 2.

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