6-Monthly Release CycleRelease plan

MicroStream release plan and support model


Every 6 months a new Java version is coming out. To ensure that MicroStream runs with the latest Java version, we go along with the Java release cycle.
This means that we also release a new MircoStream major release every 6 months, scheduled every April and October. 
Major releases contain bug fixes and new features. The upcoming major release MicroStream version 3 is scheduled for April 2020.

Release Plan

MicroStream release plan and support model

Updates Free

MicroStream is always free


For every MicroStream major release, we provide updates for 6 months for free. After that period of 6 months, the update service ends, but at the same time, the following major release is launched, which is again updated for 6 months for free, and so on.

If you want to get updates for a specific version longer than 6 months, you can subscribe for our Long-Term-Support.