Release & Update Plan

Every 12 months a new MicroStream major release that is supported for 12 months for free.

Annual release cycle

Every 12 months we publish a new MicroStream major release. The latest MicroStream version is MicroStream 7.

Updates free for 12 months

All updates for the actual MicroStream major release are free and released as Open Source.

Update warranty for 4 years

MicroStream provides you an enterprise-grade update-warranty containing all updates for all MicroStream versions for up to 4 years each version. 

Release & Update Support Plan

Update Warranty for 4 Years

MicroStream provides you an enterprise-grade update-warranty subscription containing all updates for all MicroStream versions up to 4 years from MicroStream 6. For enterprises who need updates longer than 4 years, we provide custom  support SLAs.

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Get Started

MicroStream is joyfully easy to use Java API you can download via Maven.

Community Edition

  • Open Source
  • Driven by our fast growing community
  • Dynamic development of new features, concepts and innovations
  • Timely adjustments to the latest Java versions
  • Open Source database connectors
    PostgreSQL, Maria DB, SQLite, Plain-File Storage
  • Updates free for 12 months
    • Every 12 months a new major release is published
    • For each major release, all updates are free for 12 months
  • Community support on GitHub & StackOverflow

Enterprise Edition

For enterprises using MicroStream for business critical applications or products:

  • Enterprise database connectors
    Database connectors for all supported data storage solution.
  • Enterprise-grade legal proof
    • Legal proof of your right to use MicroStream
    • Indemnity against claims of copyright infringement
  • Enterprise-grade security
    Long-term enhenced security updates to eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • Enterprise-grade support
    • Development support
    • Production support
    • Long-Term Support: Update Warranty - Updates for 8 years guaranted.

Personal Online-Call

You are a decision-maker and wondering how MicroStream works, whether your organization can benefit from MicroStream, if MicroStream will meet your requirements and how our process works?

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Company Training

Experimenting takes you valuable time and money, is a potential source of conceptual errors and you have to find out best practices for your own. We provide you individual company training tailored for your team.

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We support you from building a proof-of-concept, through building the architecture and the object model up to implementing your entire application or single parts of it and run it in production in the data center.

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