Release & Update Plan

Every 6 months a new MicroStream major release that is supported for 6 months.

6 months release cycle

Every 6 months we publish a new MicroStream major release that supports always the latest Java version. The latest MicroStream version is MicroStream 5.

6 months free updates

All updates for the current MicroStream version are free and released as Open Source.

Update warranty for 8 years

MicroStream Enterprise Edition provides you an update-warranty containing all updates for all MicroStream versions for up to 8 years each version.

Release & Update Support Plan

Update Warranty for 8 Years

To persist data with MicroStream, plain files are basically fine. However, the various enterprise database systems or cloud object stores provide valuable features, such as high-availability and backup strategies. With MicroStream Enterprise you have access to all supported MicroStream data storage connectors.

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Get Started

MicroStream is joyfully easy to use Java API you can download via Maven.

Community Edition

  • Open Source
  • Driven by our fast growing community
  • Dynamic development of new features, concepts and innovations
  • Timely adjustments to the latest Java versions
  • Open Source database connectors
    PostgreSQL, Maria DB, SQLite, Plain-File Storage
  • Updates free for 6 months
    • Every 6 months a new version is published
  • Community support on GitHub & StackOverflow

Enterprise Edition

For enterprises using MicroStream for business critical applications or products:

  • Enterprise database connectors
    Database connectors for all supported data storage solution.
  • Enterprise-grade legal proof
    • Legal proof of your right to use MicroStream
    • Indemnity against claims of copyright infringement
  • Enterprise-grade security
    Long-term enhenced security updates to eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • Enterprise-grade support
    • Development support
    • Production support
    • Long-Term Support: Update Warranty - Updates for 8 years guaranted.

Personal Online-Call

You are a decision-maker and wondering how MicroStream works, whether your organization can benefit from MicroStream, if MicroStream will meet your requirements and how our process works?

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Company Training

Experimenting takes you valuable time and money, is a potential source of conceptual errors and you have to find out best practices for your own. We provide you individual company training tailored for your team.

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We support you from building a proof-of-concept, through building the architecture and the object model up to implementing your entire application or single parts of it and run it in production in the data center.

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