Data import/export


I am try to export my storage and the import it again, using scala language. Export operation seems successfull: I can obtain both bin and csv files. But when I try to import data in a new location, I get this error:

Exception in thread "Thread-9" Exception while reading import file /tmp/export-dir/scala.collection.immutable.HashMap_1000070.bin



Caused by: currentFilePosition = 0. nextEntityLength = 0




    ... 1 more

Caused by: TypeId not resolvable via type dictionary: 1000070








    ... 3 more


What's wrong? I also tried to remove _numeric suffix from all file names, but I still get the same error.


Thank you,


Could you create for us sample project in Github, to demonstrate this problem? From this stack i can see just only, that there some Type what is not present in Type Dictionary, but i cannot recognize why?

In our experience, this is the easiest way to move this issue to a solution as quickly as possible.