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Micro Persistence

for Microservices & Micro Systems


MicroStream is a breakthrough Java-native object graph persistence layer built for tiny systems,
to eliminate expensive mappings or conversions between systems and their data storage. It enables high-performance,
low-latency in-memory data processing resulting in better UX and a fraction of CPU consumption and infrastructure costs. 


For Java / JVM   For Android   Code on GitHub

MicroStream is OPEN SOURCE !

Smallest Data Storage Layer

Ultra-fast In-Memory Data Processing

Cheapest Data Storage in the Cloud

Highly Scalable in the Cloud & On-Prem

Micro Frameworks using MicroStream

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Open Source MicroStream for

Java / JVM

Build microservices, serverless functions & traditional apps that need a high-performance, micro persistence on a single JVM.

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Open Source MicroStream for


Build apps for mobile, edge, or embedded devices, that need a local micro persistence and realtime data synchronization.

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MicroStream Multi-Node Persistence

MicroStream Enterprise Cluster

Build distributed apps, microservicess & serverless functions that need high-performance
micro persistence cluster shared by an unlimited number of JVMs. Low-latency realtime response,
gigantic workloads, high-availability & elastic scalability in the cloud & on-prem hardware.

Coming soon!

MicroStream Serialization Platform

High-Secure Serialization

Eliminate the biggest security flaw of Java - deserialization attacks -
and build systems for the highest security requirements.

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Serverless Functions
Smaller Monoliths
Mobile Devices
Edge Devices
Embedded Devices

Any Cloud



MicroStream is an Integral Part of Modern Microservice Runtimes

MicroStream is proud to be an integral part of and contribute to leading microservice frameworks. We are happy to deliver value to the Java Open Source community


First-class support for MicroStream has been added to the Micronaut framework, and MicroStream is now a major sponsor of the Micronaut Open Source project.


A seamless MicroStream integration has been added to both Helidon flavours, Helidon MP and SE. Helidon is a leading microservice framework for Java, powered by Oracle.

Enterprise-grade Open Source

Open Source

  • Eclipse Public license. Free of charge also for commercial purposes and closed source.
  • All features included
  • Timely adjustments to the latest Java versions
  • Updates free for 12 months
    Release cycle: Major releases annually
    • Updates for the current major release are free
    • Updates for all minor releases are free
  • Community support on GitHub & StackOverflow

Enterprise Support

  • Long-term update warranty
    • Updates for all major releases for 4 years
    • MicroStream format support for 10 years
  • First-class development support
    Ticket system, hotline, code reviews, consulting, implementation, training courses & coaching
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Hotfixes
  • Production support (24/5, 24/7)

Recommended for enterprises using MicroStream for their mission-critical applications or software products.



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