MicroStream Cluster

Build distributed EclipseStore apps and microservices. Run multiple instances of your app replicating through an unlimited number of JVMs.
Scale-out on-demand to achieve gigantic workloads and throughput, scale-in at lower loads to save costs. 

MicroStream Cluster enables you to build distributed EclipseStore applications by running an unlimited number of instances  of your app or microservice in parallel. You can scale out your system on-demand and scale in to zero depending on the load. MicroStream Cluster is for both, running microservices as well as traditional monolithic applications.  

Distributed Java object graph through replication

Your object graph is synchronized through unlimited number of JVM nodes.

Elastic scalable on-demand

Scale-out to handle higher loads, scale-in to save resources and costs.

High availability

Easy realization of apps and microservices that must be highly available.

Time Schedules

Create fixed schedules to fully automated start and shut-down your apps.

Gigantic workloads and  data throughput

Multiple the gigantic workload and data throughput of EclipseStore.

Realtime responsiveness

High-performance low-latency in-memory data processing.


Based on robust, highly secure and fully managed native cloud features.


Runs on your on-prem hardware or on any cloud environment.

SaaS on AWS

Test your first EclipseStore app or cluster by simple JAR deployment.

Ultra-fast In-Memory Data Processing

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Lowest Data Storage Costs in the Cloud

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Revolutionary Simple Implementation

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MicroStream Cluster


Download & run the whole MicroStream SaaS platform on-prem or in any cloud environment to run & manage numerous of MicroStream clusters.  

  • Get the whole MicroStream SaaS platform
  • Run & manage numerous of EclipseStore clusters
  • Deploy everywhere
  • Enterprise-grade update support  
  • Enterprise-grade security


Download coming soon!

MicroStream Cluster as a Service


Deploy your first EclipseStore app or cluster on AWS with just a few clicks. Simple deployment, no DevOps know-how, and effort are required. Azure is coming soon.

  • Easy setup
  • Simple deployment
  • Elastic horizontally scale-out/-in
  • Fully managed infrastructure
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Enterprise-grade support

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