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with Java


Learn more about the team behind MicroStream. We are Java enthusiasts who love working on making Java
better, faster, and more convenient for the entire Java community.


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Data Storage Based
on Pure Java Concepts


In 2013 our vision was to create a Java-native persistence layer based on the already existing and powerful Core Java concepts instead of using external databases that work fundamentally differently from Java. Because we were convinced that this would radically simplify and accelerate the entire database development process with Java. Today, MicroStream is a stable, bullet-proof open-source framework that lets you build revolutionary new innovations, features, and products.

Connecting Java with the
Cloud to Save up to 99%
on Cloud Storage Costs.


When we realized the benefits of cloud-native BLOB storage such as AWS S3, we wanted to have these benefits for application data also. We seamlessly connected MicroStream with cloud BLOB storages so that MicroStream is now a real cloud-native Java persistence. Cloud BLOB storages meet the highest demands for mission-critical data storage and are at the same time up to 99% cheaper than classic cloud databases services (DBaaS).

Ultra-fast In-Memory Data Processing by Using Core Java Concepts.


The Java VM's JIT compiler creates highly optimized machine code that makes Java applications really fast. Java Streams API enables searching and filtering data in memory in only microseconds. This means that in-memory data processing with Java is up to 1000x faster than traditional database queries. We were keen on empowering Java users to leverage this incredible performance for their enterprise business applications. 

Higher Performance » Less Computing Power » Lower Energy Consumption »  Lower CO2 Emission.


Due to the high performance of MicroStream apps you will massively save computing power. This results in lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emission in the data center. We are thrilled that we are able to help our users to become carbon-neutral and play our part toward a greener planet for future generations.

Our Open Source DNA


Open Source provides strong value and great benefits for our community. Debugging, finding, and fixing bugs is possible. Security issues can be found and eliminated faster. It gives you the flexibility to customize and extend MicroStream on your own. Permanently reviews of the source code and numerous testing cycles by developers across the world increase the stability of MicroStream. This will permanently improve the already high code quality. We as developers love working on open-source projects because the collaborative nature of open-source allows us to work with a community of developers all over the world to share our interests, passions, and goals, improve the code as well as our personal skills and create new ideas and strategies. This leads to faster development cycles, better code quality, and more innovation. It's fantastic to contribute to important software used by numerous developers globally and to receive recognition for it from the developer community.

Our Added Values

Large Test-Coverage

Our test coverage guarantees a high code quality and stable code base.

Update Warranty

Updates for older MicroStream versions for 5 years or even longer are guaranteed.

Enterprise Features

Our focus is 100% on writing the MicroStream code.

Enterprise Support

Updates for older MicroStream versions for 5 years or even longer are guaranteed.

We are Proud to be Contributor 
to Various Great Open Source Projects

We are the Team Behind the MicroStream Project


We are Java enthusiasts who love to work on making Java better, faster, and more convenient for the entire Java community. With 20 years of Java background, we have worked on Java IDEs, ORM frameworks, and database tools before we started the MicroStream project. We have launched various open-source projects and have been contributing to open-source for 10 years. MicroStream is located in beautiful Regensburg, Germany, but since we have changed our work to virtual, our team becomes more and more international. We love, live, and promote professional freedom, equality, independence, and diversity. In order to achieve our ambitious goals, we need people who are excited about what we do and thrilled to join us.

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Our History

  • Development started
  • First production use
  • Company founded
  • Seed funding round
  • Launched as freeware
  • Launched on Android
  • Open sourced under EPL
  • Integrated with Helidon
  • Seed Plus funding round
  • Integrated with Micronaut
  • Joined Eclipse Foundation
  • MicroStream Cluster
  • MicroStream Cloud
  • MicroStream becomes an Eclipse project


We are Eclipse Foundation Contributing Member


As an Eclipse Contributing Member, we are able to collaborate closely with the Eclipse community and numerous great Eclipse projects, and contribute actively to new innovations and standards our community and we ourselves use daily. This enables us to improve MicroStream even more, grow faster, and constantly deliver high-quality open-source software to the Java community.

We are Sponsor of the Micronaut Foundation


MicroStream is well integrated with Micronaut, one of the most popular microservice frameworks on the market. As a sponsor, we support the further development of the Micronaut framework, are able to work closely with our friends on constantly improving the MicroStream integration and deliver value to the fantastic Micronaut open source developer community.

EclipseStore is an Integral Part of Helidon & Micronaut

We are proud to be an integral part of and contribute to leading microservice frameworks. We are happy to deliver value to the Java open source community.


Micronaut provides first-class support for EclipseStore. MicroStream is a major sponsor of the Micronaut Open Source project.


Helidon was the first microservice framework that supports EclipseStore. Both Helidon flavours, Helidon MP and SE provide a great EclipseStore integration. Helidon is a leading microservice framework for Java, powered by Oracle.

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