MicroStream 2 final release is now available!

16.09.2019 17:00

After using MicroStream 1 as an API in business-critical projects for more than four years, MicroStream 2 is now the first public version that is available as a product. MicroStream 2 is free of charge for development, testing, and productive use. There are no license fees. 

MicroStream enables you to create incredible fast in-memory database applications with pure Java. MicroStream is very easy to use. It's a common and light-weight Java library that you can download and include in your Java code by using Maven. You don't have to adapt your classes to MicroStream. There are no annotations needed, no special interfaces, no special superclasses needed. You can use your classes as they are.

Getting Started  |  Profesional Support - free until 2020


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Next Generation Serialization for Java and Java-Native Persistence for developing ultra-fast Java in-memory database applications

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