MicroStream Sessions at the JCON Conference

With the move to microservices and cloud in progress or already executed by many companies and projects, questions about application data and its persistence in these environments are hot topics these days.

So it is no surprise that MicroStream, providing you with an alternative persistence solution, is very well represented at the JCON online conference. Also, the Keynote by Adam Bien is around the topic of data and persistence and more specifically in a Serverless environment. MicroStream gives you ultra-fast access to your data as they are maintained within the JVM memory and stored externally in a binary format to make sure the data survive a process restart.

Let us have a quick look at the sessions around MicroStream that you can follow at the conference.

MicroStream Sessions

There is an introductory session about MicroStream and the problems it solves in your application. The session goes deeper into the Object-relational mismatch and the basic principles of MicroStream. Together with a few examples, you can start prototyping your use case.

JCON Session Rudy

Two sessions go deeper into a few aspects of MicroStream itself. The first one is about the serialisation engine. An important part of the MicroStream framework is the conversion to and from a binary format. This serialisation can also be used standalone, similar to the Java Serialisation or you can use it to synchronise data between several instances. The session by Florian tells you more about the details of this Serialisation engine and how you can make use of it.

JCON Session Florian

The second one is about the security issues of the standard Java Serialisation and how they are solved within MicroStream. Together with Steve Pool, Markus will explain to you why and how MicroStream is much better and more secure than Java Serialisation.

JCON Session Markus and Steve

MicroStream can be combined with any other framework you are using for your application. It can be combined with JavaFX, Enterprise solutions like Spring (Boot), Jakarta EE, Helidon, Micronaut, Quarkus, etc .., Android applications, plain Java, and soo many other solutions.

Several of these integrations are discussed in JCON talks.

Helidon was the first framework that integrated MicroStream. The session by Dmitry Alexandrov describes how microservices can be implemented with Java or Kotlin and Helidon. The integration with the MicroStream framework makes it an ideal solution when performance is important.

JCON Session Dmitry

The session by Christian goes into more details about scaling a REST-based application using Helidon and MicroStream within a Kubernetes cluster. This session is in German.

JCON Session Christian
The integration with Micronaut is explored in the session by Sergio del Amo. It explains how MicroStream can be used as a data provider and cache solution within Micronaut to build your next java cloud-native microservice or serverless application.

JCON Session Sergio
The integration into MicroProfile runtimes using the Jakarta CDI and MicroProfile Config specifications is demonstrated by Otavio Santana and Karina Varela. Since it is based on the Jakarta EE and MicroProfile standards, the integration can be used in all compliant runtimes like Payara Micro, WildFly, and OpenLiberty for example.

JCON Session Otavio and Karina

You can also learn how you can use MicroStream in combination with RapidClipse. This tool based on the Eclipse IDE provides you with an HTML5 GUI Builder so that you can create your application easily via Drag and Drop. It also supports tools for data handling, including MicroStream. This session, in German, shows how you can create applications, including data handling, using a low code solution.

JCON Session Markus

Have a look at the complete session schedule and get your ticket for the conference. And if your member of a JUG, you can get a ticket for free.

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