November 11, 10:00 CET – First Hackathon Webcast – GraalVM and MicroStream

We are happy to announce, that our first Hackathon webcast starts next week on Wednesday, November 11 at 10:00 CET. This session is the perfect kickstart for you to join our Hackathon, because both, GraalVM and MicroStream are game-changer for Java. GraalVM enables you to build native applications with Java, which means with GraalVM, Java is now as fast as C. Native images built with GraalVM have a startup time lower than 1 second, which is the most important aspect for building cloud-native apps and microservices. In this webcast, Wolfgang Weigend, Systems Engineer for Java SE and GraalVM at Oracle, will give us an introduction to GraalVM. After that, Markus Kett, CEO at MicroStream will introduce the concept of MicroStream and why MicroStream together with GraalVM is a powerful game-changer for Java. This is a live session in German, everybody can join free via Zoom.

November 11, 10:00 – 11:30 CET
GraalVM and MicroStream – Intro & Discussion

Part 1 – Introduction to GraalVM by Wolfgang Weigend, Systems Engineer for Java SE and GraalVM at Oracle

The GraalVM is a universal virtual machine (VM) for applications written in JavaScript, Python, Ruby, R or with the JVM-based programming languages, ​​Java, Scala, Kotlin, Clojure, and LLVM-based (Low-Level Virtual Machine) languages ​​C / C ++. GraalVM 20.2.1 was released in October 2020, with performance improvements and polyglot support for various programming languages ​​and thus enables interoperability in a common runtime environment. GraalVM can be operated independently or in the context of OpenJDK, Node.js, Oracle database, or MySQL. Native images compiled with GraalVM ahead-of-time capability have an optimized startup time and they reduce the memory consumption of JVM-based applications. The GraalVM can be used either as an open-source Community Edition (CE) or as an Enterprise Edition (EE) with an OTN license. This talk shows the GraalVM architecture in the Java ecosystem.

Part 2 – Introduction to MicroStream by Markus Kett, CEO at MicroStream 

MicroStream is a fundamentally new persistence framework for storing complex Java object graphs, subgraphs, and single objects. In the other direction, it enables loading complex object graphs, subgraphs as well as single objects dynamically and updating the object graph in RAM. Database data models become meaningless for Java. No more expensive mappings. No more data-type conversion. No more specific query language. Only one data model: Your Java classes (POJOs). No more complex caching layer. No more inconvenient object copies. Simple and clean architecture. Core-Java features instead of database-specific concepts. The end result is a Java in-memory database app or microservice that is ultra-fast.

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