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MicroStream Summit 2021 is an international online conference. Learn everything about MicroStream, meet our fantastic partners who are using MicroStream as well as other developers around the world who are also evaluating or using MicroStream already, ask your questions directly to the people who write the code, and join our growing international open-source community. At MicroStream Summit 2021 you will meet developers, architects, project manager, IT manager, as well as CIOs, and our fantastic MicroStream contributors. Enthusiastic speakers, many exciting talks and a great community is waiting for you. We're looking forward to seeing you, soon.

Use Cases

Learn what is possible and what our user are doing with MicroStream.

Success Stories

Learn what our users are building with MicroStream.

Obtain Visions

Get inspiration on how MicroStream can help you realize your visions.

Get Started

Learn how MicroStream works and get started.

Best Practice

Learn about best practice with MicroStream.


Ask your technical questions directly to the people who write the code.

Our Great Speakers

Adam Bien

Java Champion, Freelancer, Author, Java EE expert, Speaker, Consultant

Prof. Dr. Ralph Johnson

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Steve Poole

Developer Advocate

Sven Ruppert

Developer Advocate
(DevSecOps, Java & Kotlin)
JFrog, Inc.

Tomáš Langer

Consulting Member of Technical Staff
Team Helidon at Oracle

Dmitry Alexandrov

Java & Oracle Dev Champion,
Senior Principle Developer
Team Helidon at Oracle

Wolfgang Weigend

Oracle Master Principal Solution Engineer GraalVM

Markus Kett


Florian Habermann


Christian Kuemmel

Developer Advocate, Project Manager

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