MicroStream 2.1 is now available!

We are happy to announce, that today we have launched MicroStream 2.1. This minor release is a significant milestone because now MicroStream is Java-wise fully compatible with Android.


MicroStream for Android

Hello Android developers! Now, with MicroStream you get the very first Android-native persistence. MicroStream is not yet another object database for Android but works totally different. MicroStream enables you to store any object-graph natively, which means there is no more transforming the object graph into a proprietary database data structure. You do not have to adapt your classes to a special database data model. There are no special annotations, no special interfaces or superclasses. You can use your classes as they are. Never has storing native object graphs been as easy and convenient.

Now, with MicroStream, you can create database apps for Android much faster and more convenient than ever before. MicroStream is free of charge and may be used for commercial apps.

System requirements:
Android SDK API level 26 and higher

Get started today with MicroStream 2.1


Custom file implementations

All usages of java.util.File have been replaced with java.nio.file.Path. Now, you can use custom file implementations for MicroStream.


MicroStream Layered Entities

MicroStream 2.1 comes with an optional concept to separate the basic aspects of what defines an entity into separate instances of different layers:

  • Identity, a never to be replaced instance representing an entity in terms of references to it
  • Logic, nestable in an arbitrary number of dynamically created logic layers, e.g. logging, locking, versioning, etc.
  • Data, always immutable

Entity graphs are constructed by stricly only referencing identity instances (the “outer shell” of an entity), while every inner layer instance is unshared. This also allows the actual data instance to be immutable, while at the same time leaving referencial integrity of an entity graph intact.

MicroStream provides ready-to-use logic layers for:

  • Logging
  • Versioning

Learn more


Get started today with MicroStream 2.1

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