MicroStream goes Open Source !

We are proud to announce that we are open-sourcing MicroStream. MicroStream is in productive use for more than 5 years, it’s proven, very stable, and has a high code quality. In September 2019, we launched MicroStream as a product. The MicroStream Community Edition was free of charge and not limited from the beginning, thus our users got always the best. Now, one year later it’s a good time to go the next step: Open Source.

As being Open Source, the entire MicroStream Community will get fantastic benefits:

  • Self-support, finding and fixing bugs is possible
  • Security issues can be found and fixed faster
  • Our entire community can collaborate and directly contribute to making MicroStream better
  • Open Source will reduce risks by using MicroStream in business-critical projects
  • MicroStream will be integrated into other solutions that help MicroStream growing
  • MicroStream will be driven and supported by a strong and fast-growing community

In terms of timing and licensing, we will make final decisions, soon. We want our whole community to celebrate that we are going Open Source. This is why we going to start a big MicroStream Hackathon starting on November 5, 2020. Win $20,000 prize!

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