Two important updates in MicroStream 8.1

Not so long ago, we have released version 8.0 of the MicroStream framework. You can read about its content in this New Features of MicroStream version 8.0 blog.

We have now a minor release available and for some good reasons. It contains two important updates for those who are working with Lazy Collections or using it in combination with Quarkus.

Improvement for Lazy Collections

One of the new features of version 8.0 is the Lazy Collections. With this feature, you can read large datasets from the data storage of MicroStream in a segmented way. That way, the items of collections aren’t loaded all at once by MicroStream. Segments can be loaded and unloaded when needed and thus Lazy Collections help you maintain large datasets with minimal memory requirements.

This version 8.1 includes an important bug fix where the segments are not unloaded properly in some cases when using the Java Stream API. So, by switching to this version, the memory management of your application will be improved.

Quarkus 3

The Quarkus 3 release was about the same time we released MicroStream version 8.0. For that reason, you could only find a Quarkus 2.x extension within the previous release of MicroStream.

In the meantime, we have updated our extension so that it works with Quarkus 3. And the only thing you need to do is to change the maven artefact of the extension and you can enjoy the same functionality with Quarkus 3.



The artifactId for Quarkus 2 is microstream-quarkus-extension.


Version 8.1 contains a few small but important changes. If you make use of the Lazy Collections feature, make sure you update to this latest version as it contains an important fix around memory management. For those who want to use Quarkus 3 or want to upgrade to it, this version 8.1 is also required.

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