Oracle will integrate MicroStream

At the Java community conference JCON-ONLINE 2021, Dmitry Kornilov, Director of Software Development at Oracle and Project Lead of Helidon, has officially announced that MicroStream has now been integrated into Helidon. Dmitry Kornilov said: ‘Helidon is a fast framework for developing microservices and MicroStream fits great in this. The code has been already merged on Github. With the upcoming Helidon release 2.4.0, the integration will be publicly available in October 2021.’

Helidon is a leading framework for developing modern cloud-native microservices with Java. Helidon is open source and mainly developed by Oracle. In comparison to other microservice frameworks, Helidon is the only one that is comprised of two different versions, so-called flavours: Helidon MP and Heldion SE. Helidon SE is a reactive microservice framework that was built to be as small and fast as possible. Helidon SE is also the core of Helidon MP. MP stands for MicroProfile, which means Helidon MP implements the MicroProfile standard. Both, Helidon SE and MP will come with the new MicroStream integration.

Microservices should be tiny, avoid heavyweight dependencies, decoupled, start in milliseconds, have a low memory footprint, and in terms of data storage have their own persistence.  Helidon meets these requirements impressively, but persistence for microservices is still challenging.  By adding MicroStream as predestined persistence for microservices, Helidon users will get an incredible full package for developing microservices. That’s why we both, Oracle and MicroStream believe Helidon and MicroStream are a fantastic match.

We’re looking forward to working together with the team Helidon at Oracle and the great Helidon community.


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