MicroStream joins the Eclipse Foundation

MicroStream is now an Eclipse Foundation Member

We are happy to announce, that we are now a member of the Eclipse Foundation.

Open Source provides strong value and great benefits for our community. Now, we’re taking our open source activities to the next level by joining the Eclipse Foundation as a Committer Member.

MicroStream is a micro persistence layer, that is tiny, has no dependencies, enables a low-complexity system architecture, and is simple to use. Thus, MicroStream is the predestined persistence for cloud-native microservices running on micro machines, as well as serverless functions. MicroStream is already well integrated with Helidon, Micronaut and other microservice frameworks. MicroProfile as the specification for microservice runtimes as well as JakartaEE is developed under the roof of the Eclipse Foundation. For these reasons, we want to actively support and help shape the further development of standards and certain working groups within the Eclipse Foundation and represent our community and its interests.

As an Eclipse Committer Member, we can collaborate closely with the Eclipse community and numerous great Eclipse projects, and contribute actively to new innovations and standards our community and we ourselves use daily. This enables us to get additional visibility and reputation, become integrated with Eclipse projects, improve MicroStream even more, grow faster, and constantly deliver high-quality open-source software.

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