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MicroStream is now EclipseStore and we’re excited to provide you a great kick-off event in less than two weeks in collaboration with JAVAPRO and JCON. EclipseStore Summit 2023 will be a part of JCON WORLD ONLINE 2023. The 3rd JCON day on Thursday, 23th of November, 9:00 – 18:00 CET, is all about EclipseStore. During this virtual live conference you will learn everything from A-Z about EclipseStore. As a perfect warm-up, there are various EclipseStore sessions at JCON ONLINE 2023.


EclipseStore at JCON ONLINE 2023
21 – 22 November 2023

Day 1:
10:00 Stream 1: Java In-Memory Database-Apps with EclipseStore | Florian Habermann
15:00 Stream 1 – Keynote: EclipseStore – Databaseless Java Cloud-Native Persistence for Microservices and Serverless | Markus Kett

Day 2:
10:00 Stream 1: Elastic Scalable Java Apps & Microservices with EclipseStore, Micronaut and K8s in the Cloud | Christian Kuemmel
11:00 Stream 4: Learn How to Build Ultra-fast Java Microservices and Overcome the Pitfalls of Data Persistence | Otavio Santana
13:00 Stream 1: High-Performance Persistence with EclipseStore and WebSphere Liberty InstantOn | Richard Fichtner, Mark Stoodley, Markus Kett
16:00 Stream 3: Eclipse Serializer – Biggest Security Flaw of Java Is Eliminated | Florian Habermann


Day 3.

EclipseStore Summit 2023
at JCON OLNIE 2023

23 November 2023



  • EclipseStore Introduction and Functional Principle
  • EclipseStore Coding – Setting up a new database, storing and loading objects
  • How to Design a Proper Java Object Model
  • EclipseStore Concurrency is Not an Issue With Java
  • Distirbuted EclipseStore Applications and Microservices
  • MicroStream’s EclipseStore Cluster: SaaS or On-Premise?
  • Migrating from MicroStream to EclipseStore
  • From the MicroStream Labs – Preview to Upcoming New Features



09:00  Keynote: Open Source – A Journey of Contribution and Collaboration | Ivar Grimstad
10:00  Databaseless High-Perfromance Java-Native Persistence | Markus Kett
11:00  Introduction to EclipseStore Coding | Florian Habermann
12:00  Designing Great Java In-Memory Object Models | Florian Habermann
13:00  Distributed EclipseStore Applications and Microservices on Kubernetes | Christian Kuemmel
14:00  MicroStream Labs – New Incredible Feature Preview | Florian Habermann
15:00  Using EclipseStore with Micronaut | Sergio Del Amo
16:00  Building the EclipseStore Community | Markus Kett
17:00  MicroStream Getting Started Coding Workshop | Christian Kuemmel
19:30  Q&A with the EclipseStore Team at Microstream


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JCON WORLD ONLINE 2023 is the big international ONLINE Java community conference organized by the Java User Group Oberpfalz in collaboration with JAVAPRO Magazine. Last year, more than 2,600 participants from 77 countries and 6 continents had joined JCON WORLD ONLINE 2022. Now, get your free JCON WORLD ONLINE 2023 ticket powered by MicroStream and join our sessions. We’re looking forward to seeing you! Learn more:


2023 21 – 23 November, 2023

EclipseStore Summit 2023
23th of November Virtual Only, Zoom Live-Stream



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