EclipseStore 1.0.0 Final Release is Now Available


We’re super excited to announce that MicroStream is now an official project of the Eclipse Foundation called EclipseStore. The EclipseStore final release 1.0 is now available as open source under Eclipse Public License 2.0 on Maven Central.

EclipseStore 1.0 is based on the current MicroStream version 8 codebase. The further development of MicroStream 8 is now discontinued. From now on, new features will be released only under the EclipseStore project. So, we recommend to migrate existing MicroStream projects to EclipseStore 1.0. Migrationg is troublefree.

The MiroStream team will continue working on EclipseStore with the usual intensity. There are already various new features we are working on and we’re looking forward to show the first results at EclipseStore Summit 2023 at JCON WORLD ONLINE 2023 next week.


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