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Integration within Micronaut Framework


We are very proud that the Micronaut team integrated the MicroStream framework into version 3.5 of their product.

By integrating it, they confirm that the MicroStream project has great potential for future developed applications and can be very useful in your next project.

Micronaut is a framework for building lightweight, modular applications and microservices. Micronaut is known for its ability to help developers create apps and microservices with small memory footprints and short startup times. They achieve that by performing many tasks at compile time of your application so that your application can start faster.


You can use the MicroStream code within your Java or JVM-based languages like Kotlin, Scala, Groovy, and Android projects without any kind of integration. You can configure the StorageManager and use it without any problem. Integration makes it simpler for the developer to use it with a specific product like the Micronaut framework.

These are the features you can find within Micronaut specifically for MicroStream:

  • You can configure the StorageManager using values within the application.yml config file of your application. You can define even multiple managers using the Named Bean functionality of Micronaut in case you have multiple object graphs that you like to store separately.
    You also specify through the configuration file the root class of your object graph that is used by the StorageManager to load the data at the startup of your application.
  • Within your repository, you can either use the StorageManager to save the changes you make to your data, or you can use one of the annotations that the Micronaut team has created. They have an annotation where you can specify which method parameter needs to be stored at the end of the method or if you like to store the method return instance.

The MicroStream project can also be used as the cache implementation within your project. By simply adding the `micronaut-microstream-cache` artefact to your project code, MicroStream is used as caching solution for Micronaut. By simply defining the cache characteristics like the type of the keys and values, it becomes fully integrated with the cache functionality.

But there is also an integration with the metrics and the health system that is provided by the framework. And during development, the viewer to consult the contents of the ‘MicroStream database’ is active.

You can learn more about the integration in this Micronaut user guide.

Micronaut Foundation

MicroStream also joined the Micronaut Foundation as a silver sponsor. The goal of the foundation is to evangelize and define the technical goals and innovation of the Micronaut framework.

With this sponsorship, we can make sure that future versions of Micronaut and MicroStream will be integrated and evolved for the benefit of the users of both products.

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